Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello Hallo-Week!

Halloween is almost here!  Here is a little Halloweeny drawing.

"Sonar Serenade"
4x6 for the Trickster Halloween show in Berkeley, California! The gallery show opened this past Friday, and this piece might still be available.

For my birthday this past summer, a good friend gave me a GIANT post-it pad.  It's amazing, I love it!  My scanner dropped some of the blue and yellow.  Oh well.  I think this paper size is 12x12 inches?!

Some friends of mine recently published a book about Halloween!  If you are interested, you can find out more about it at

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Womanthology #2 came out this week, look for it in your local comic book shop!  I was asked to draw a pin up, who can say no to outerspace cuties?  The above is just a preview, pick up the book to see the rest of the drawing!

Womanthology #2

I'm also making a little animatic for practice and for a musician I admire!   Goal is to have that animated and up on youtube by December!  It'll be neat! Promise!
Making a note of it so I will STICK TO THE DEADLINE.  Arghh!!
(nothing here has anything to do with it.  Just trying to jumpstart the brain.)
Sketchbook doodles from September.

One of my dreams in life is to work on a little mini videogame, with swords and cute monsters.  Wouldn't this be a nice thing to have on a certain website?  So nice.....

PS.   Here is a velociraptor I drew for Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes.  The variant with the top hat was drawn for my director at the time, to make him happy.  His name is Magic Raptor, and he has a stage show called the "Magic Pancake Hour".  So when Wolverine kills the dinosaurs, know that he also killed the dreams and hopes of this magical beast.  He is now my icon on tumblr.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Copic Marker Demo!

Last week, I made a demo for the Copic Marker website.  Click the link to see the process!  Thanks Copic Marker people!

DC Nation didn't air this past weekend.  I don't know why.  I do not know when it will officially be back, but the Amethyst shorts are done, and I feel really fortunate to have had a chance to work on them.
I was allowed to be myself, to be creative, and to work with people I greatly admire.  Many talented artists never get that chance.  So I'm not mad, and the shorts exist, eventually they'll get released in some format.  

Saturday was disappointing, but there is probably a good reason why CN is holding off.  Hopefully whatever it is, it gets worked out soon.  Thanks to anyone who's sent me a kind message, but no worries.  Amethyst is done, and I've got new projects that need attention. 

In the meantime, here are some sketch cards I made for friends at this year's San Diego Comic Con!

...and if the wait until January 13th is too long for super heroes, just imagine them having pancake brunch together the next few months.  And Citrina hitting on Superboy.

If you don't know who Citrina is, you need to buy this already.  DO IT.  THIS WILL MAKE ME HAPPY.  CLICK IT.
Be's phonebook sized!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

♥Amethyst Princess of Gemworld: Your Quest Begins♥

The first Amethyst short airs this coming Saturday morning, October 13th!  It was in the TV Guide magazine, so it must be true!

Here's the crew that helped make her first short.

Amy Wolfram wrote the script.
I drew Character Designs and Storyboarded this one.
Claire Lenth drew some Characters and was the Character Color Stylist.
Valerie Kung drew the Background Layouts.
Mari Hosaka was the Background Painter.
Mary Hoffman drew the props.
Marc Gomez made a surprise.
David Production animated and made it wonderful.
And thanks to Ben Jones for all his animation knowledge!

Have a good week, and get your cereal ready for Saturday!
P.S.  Thanks to Lauren Davis over at Comic Alliance for the sweet write up!