Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Remove Hot Pocket, Put in Toilet"

We were watching the Ninja Turtle movies from the early 90's during lunch break at work. We made it thru "Secret of the Ooze", and it was decided we would not be able to survive watching the third movie. Thus one of the drawings below. I've been busy. Do I even need to explain myself anymore?

Today was weird. I got a headache, but I think it was a good day today. I got a milkshake with mint cookies in it. Delicious.

I like this song.
"Dance, dance, dance, words can never make up for what you do."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A dog's lucky day!

I thought of a whole little story that would go with this drawing, but it would be awhile till I had time to do anything with it. It's stupid anyways.

Award designed by Strawberry Lemonade!

So Mr. Chris Battle has tagged me for a Kreative Blogger award, which is silly, but a good way to pimp out some friends!
In turn, I have to nominate seven other bloggers, and then list seven weird things about myself. So here goes:

In no particular order:

1. Mary Hoffman, an old friend, who has a cute creepy Esty shop! I have a few of her paintings and a cupcake monster cell phone charm!
2. Miss Withers has been making some interesting paper art lately. I also like how she draws scary pigs. She also has an Etsy shop!
3. Steph Laberis creates artwork for your favorite Facebook and XBox games!
4.Mindy Lee. Words fail me.
5. Thomas Perkins. I work with this dude! He's awesome!
6.Jason Jones. He probably doesn't realize it, but even though we were college buddies, he taught me ALOT about animating! He draws some sweet portraits.
7. Frank Weber draws some good robots!

I have some creepy friends! :O
Now seven useless things about me.

1. I use the mouse backwards. Everyone who uses the computer after me hates me when I do this.
2. Eyeballs creep me out.
3. I wanted to be either a marine biologist or an animator when I was little. Then I realized that drawing dolphins was pretty fun, and that took care of that decision.
4. I used to teach pottery classes to grade schoolers when I was in high school.
5. My Dad really does grow potatoes for a living.
6. I'm mildly allergic to cats, but I don't care.
7. I didn't realize Walt Disney was dead until I was about 10. I'm still stupid.

Oh, real quick! I've been listening to Eisley again. Every song they sing is lovely.

Got some nice happy fanart from!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Romance and Hotdogs

Since this is the week of romance and I forgot to draw anything anti-romantic, here is something old.
It is from the year 2000, and involves romance, hotdogs, and a date at the movies. It was drawn in pencil and crayon (oh I thought I was being a clever 19 year old! Ha.) It is horrible, horrible, horrible, but appropriate for Valentine's Day!

I tried looking for my old storyboards and sketches, but thankfully they are mostly hidden away in a dark basement in Washington State. I found some xeroxes.
A drawing full of tangents!!

Hamsters drawn on a Wendy's napkin!!

A calendar I made for myself and friends so we'd get our films turned in on time! (I totally finished on the 15th, but worked thru spring break missing a trip to Japan. Stupid, stupid!)

The film was colored with crayons I stole from restaurants in Valencia, CA. Mostly the macaroni and cheese crayola. I got this one when a bunch of us went to Macaroni Grill for Easter. They have fancy crayolas there. And diarrhea.

I kept them in this fancy Elmo tin my Grandma Pat had sent me full of cookies!

I had to pull the film from an old VHS. I'm pretty sure my Jaz drive still works, I dropped the stupid thing down the stairs multiple times. I think it's a vampire. Alot of people had to buy multiple drives because they kept dying. Even if mine still works, the technology is outdated. I don't know how to get the files off, they're Targa anyway. The CD I had of everything burned on just confuses my computers. I have a couple of DVD rams sitting around too. Hate those things

Here is my stupid maquette I made in Ranjo's class. It is dirty.

Skippy finds him delicious.

My sophomore year, one of the seniors was leaving fake tickets for people on their desks. I found this with all my crappy xeroxes.

Current stuffs. Been drawing mostly large muscled men at work, so I don't feel too bad about doodling a bunch of stupid girls.

I drew the angel in the middle while listening to Origa's version of "There Must be an Angel"

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ground Hogz Day!

Will he or won't he see his shadow? Dun Dun Dun!

Stuff that has nothing to do with Ground Hogz!
Wearing a cape shorter than your long hair is stupid.

I had the chance to be on a panel about animation at Loyola Marymount last Friday with Eric Canete, David Colman, David Gibson, Beth Sleven and William Wray. It was pretty cool hearing about everyones' different experiences with working in animation. The students were cute and friendly! They made me this awesome card! Thank you! Hope I didn't scare you guys too bad.

I think it was drawn by Jane Mahoney, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Here is a special video! It was made by friend Abby Goldsmith loooong ago. We met for the first time when she was outputting this film to 3/4 in the computer lab my freshman year. It has a special place in my brain....