Monday, November 28, 2011

Fairy Music

I made a music playlist!  I made a hideous monster drawing for a friend!  Continue on, if you DARE!!!!

"Doc Bizarre, M.D." by Joe Casey and Andy Suriano!
Andy Suriano was nice enough to ask me to contribute a pin up for his new book!  It's about a doctor who makes house calls for monsters and creeps!  It is not a book for small children, but for a comic book fan of a more refined taste. Preview Here Includes character designs and lots of extra art!

My soundtrack I've been listening to thru October and November.  It is a good to have music when on a quest through a magical land!
Song time under the cut!  Clicky clicky!

1."Don't Want You No More"-Koji Kondo- Twilight Princess trailer
2.Extended Title-Jake Kaufman-Mighty Milky Way
3.Hometown Domina-Yoko Shimomura- Drammatica
4. Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures 'The Electric Flute'-OC Remix from Halc
5. Sacred Grove-Koji Kondo- Twilight Princess
6. Calmly Traveling-Yoko Shimomura- Legend of Mana
7. Final Fantasy IV 'Path of Deception'-OC Remix from bLiNd
8. Natsuko ni omakase!-Susuma Ueda-Re: Cutie Honey OST
9. Theme of Chocobo-Nobuo Uematsu-Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals
10. The Man with the Machine Gun-Nobuo Uematsu- Distant Worlds II
11. Molly's Theme, Action-Taku Iwasaki- Oban Star Racers OST
12. FF III Battle-Nubuo Uematsu-Dissidia OST
13. Asura Jittaika-Yoko Kano- Arjuna OST
15. Bastion's Happy Flight-Klaus Doldinger-The Neverending Story OST

16. Make.Believe-Genki Rockets
17. Cosmic Love- Florence + The Machine
18. Ainiikoh -I.NEED.TO.GO- Sweet Vacation
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