Sunday, February 25, 2007


Yay! Final Fantasy VI is coming to advance. Boo! It's easier than the first version, it's on a tiny screen, and I don't have time to play it! I gave my self an assignment last week, so here's a contest. If anyone can email me all 17 of these characters' names, I will send them a surprise! (something small and lame, like a cookie, or a candy wrapper). Contest is over! I'm going to make some stuff to mail. Hope it doesn't suck.

Terra, Locke, Celes, Gau, Sabin, Edgar

Shadow, Interceptor, Relm, Strago, Cyan, Gogo, Setzer

Mog, Umaro, Ultros, Kefka

Congrats to all the nerds who actually knew their names and those who took the time to google. You are now official nerds.

Yoshitaka Amano did the original FF designs. His stuff is purdy. and weird.

I'm going to be busy bree this week hopefully! @U@

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mario Paint

My brother and I were always having to take the mouse apart to remove all the dust that would stick to the little rolly ball. I wonder how many people started making crude animation and music with this. Ahhh, kids these days, with their Flash and editing software that comes with everything.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Dinosaur Day @-%-----

A short animation by Osamu Tezuka. "Male" Human love from a cat's perspective.
**Probably offensive and disturbing**Disney's "Evangelion"
Have a wonderful holiday created by greeting card companies.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I can't sleep. >:C

This is going to be at the Nucleus show this Saturday. I got to see some of the artwork today and it was all very impressive, not like this Myspace glitter gif reject. She is supposed to be the Child-like Empress from "The Neverending Story". That is why she is holding a grain of sand, all that remains of her kingdom. (Yeah, I know there is a throne and butterflies in there, I don't know why the "nothing" didn't eat them.)

Here is some awesome music video acting and hand movements, w/ mullet action.