Friday, July 20, 2007

Mass exodus of NERDS

If Wonky Batgirl was going to the San Diego Comic Con, what would she bring in her utility belt??

A tomato, for when she goes to panels. She can throw them at people who ask stupid questions about why A character won't hook up with B character. She can also throw the tomatos at exclusive screenings of stuff she has decided will suck, even though she actually hasn't seen any footage yet and the crew is working long hours and putting their heart and soul into it. YAY!!

See above for baseball bat.

If you are stinky, she will be lurking in the shadows, with soap in hand.

For cleanliness, hydration, and to help move people faster through lines.

Strong enough for her and for nerds. Probably a sport fragrance.

Good teeth promote good health for all involved!


Other than that, for anybody going, have fun!!


I am learning flash at work. Here is the first animation in years, no thumbnails, no direction, so poopy. But it is really exciting learning new stuff. I LOVE animation!!!
dumb dance of crap