Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve! New Decade!

Survived another decade! Yay! I'm old!

***OH! Almost forgot! I was lucky and got a vhs to dvd converter magical machine for Christmas. So expect to see some horrible old highschool animation later this year, and maybe a film with carnivorous hamsters! GWA HA HA HA!!!!***
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Attack of the Perfect Princesses!

Congrats to my friends that worked on Frog. I know alot of people cut their teeth on it. Here is a poopy Tiana, and some old poopy fanart. I think princesses have to poop. The fancy rich food from the balls and parties has to go somewhere.

The rest is uploaded out of order because blogger is evil and I don't have the will to fight right now. I don't really care for posting fanart, but in 2010 there should be some original stuff ready.

When I was drawing Jasmine, I had forgotten about a binder full of marker artwork I had in 7th grade. I was an idiot and took it to school and somebody stole it during Home Ec. It wasn't in the trash, couldn't find it, I'm pretty positive it was destroyed since I had a ton of bullies back then. It was full of the first marker art I ever made, and there were alot of Jasmine drawings in it. It's weird what memories come back when I'm drawing certain subjects. Jasmine was easier to draw when I remembered I drew her before.

Pretty Princess Captain Hook

Something dumb with a Gunbuster reference, I'm too tired to explain myself. I started a Belle drawing too, so if I finish it, I'll add it to this post this weekend. Laterz alligatorz.
**P.S. I Just found out Roy Disney passed away today. A sad coincidence. :(
Belle stealing books.

"The Chronicles of Prydain", used to read those books on summer break. Never read the last one for some reason. :(

The most inactive princess ever.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to put red headed Ariel in a pink dress, you are never going to live that down.


Alice in WonderBread Land

... and that concludes the horrible fanart plague of '09.