Thursday, August 14, 2014

Makoto and the Meatball Head!

My pieces for the Meatball Head/Sailor Moon gallery show at Meltdown Comics, this Saturday!
I really wanted to make a larger piece that included all the scouts, but just didn't have time.  
Makoto "Cooking with Lightning" is in a 5x7 frame, "Mini Moon Me" is in a 9x12.

Link for this week's Harpy Gee update!

Harpy is going to be simultaneously hosted on next month, which means it'll have it's own little corner online!

Harpy also had a nice mention on io9 yesterday!  Apologies for the spelling error in the hosted image,   it'll be fixed in later editions of the comic.

If anyone is interested in a coffee mug, or book bag, my zazzle and red bubble stores have a few new items.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Hey it's August.
I'm still alive.  
Been storyboarding, went to SDCC.
If anyone would like one of the black and white Harpy Gee books, has a few.
Harpy started backup yesterday.
 A few kind friends drew guest comics for me the past month.  There maybe a few more in the future!
Here are some of the gifs I used for the video, and a big spoiler page at the bottom.


Sketchbook page from May.  
There's a spoiler on it.