Sunday, November 21, 2010


Finally going back to bed. Going on vacation Tuesday, didn't realize how welcome it will be till tonight. I think my body is used to doing the four-three hours of sleep, and going to bed at a normal hour confused it. The kitty can sleep thru the night, he followed me into the office and is passed out on the floor. So many skills he has. The art for my book is done, I think after a week of walking around smiling like an idiot is over. Now it is time for sleep, and later sunshine and sweet smelling breezes!

Hope everyone in the states has a relaxing Thanksgiving. Here is a video on how to make a delicious feast!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


A bunny!

I have bunnies on the brain after watching Kathryn Calder's music videos. The album is really good too!

"Slip Away"
Directed by Dean Tzenos

Directed by: Jon Busby
Produced by: Jesse Davidge and Marc Demers
Produced at Blatant Studios, Vancouver BC

The "Monster Mythos" book I drew a griffin for is out! This is not the image I turned in for the book.
To purchase it, head over to

Playing around with the flip camera. I'm planning to make one more video, but that won't be up for awhile.

Monday, November 01, 2010

My Little Snow Monkey

I was very mopey today, until I remembered that this month I will be traveling somewhere warm! Then later on, somewhere cold, but there are snow monkeys there! ( I realize they'd make horrible pets and like to eat faces and feces.)