Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Comic Con Break

Big Ol' after Comic Con San Diego post

A Kiki commission I finally finished during the convention.  I didn't have a scanner, so took a photo with my phone.  Came out ok.

Hula girl commissions.

Stuff I had at the Womanthology table, really nice of them to let me be part of their table during con.  Nice ladies!

A lot of cool people came by, anyone who picked up a book got a quick sketch of their choice!
There's a few sketch card commissions in here too.

A little girl who wanted a Taffy sketch.

Sketch stickers on the inside of my sketchbooks.  It's now available at www.stuartngbooks.com

Kid wanted her doing something "girly".  Asking what that meant, she wanted Amy reading a story to a cat.   Seems like a healthy habit!

 X-men cake, seen at Heavenly Cupcakes in the gaslamp district.  Phoenix would like Wolverine and Cyclops to please knock it off.

 I picked up the Supergirl from the Pullip booth, and had a nice chat with the guy running it.  He gave me a free Pullip costume book.  THANK YOU! <3

 Mini Australian Shepard service dog looking thru the silver age comic books.  What a good puppy!

 Some dudes while getting the oil changed in my car.

Fun sketches with http://sen1227.tumblr.com/ .  We ate some good pizza, but the restaurant  was really loud and crowded!

This happened to be playing when I walked thru the DC booth.  Looks familiar :)

(of course I can't find the clean final board...)

The fourth Amethyst short airs again this weekend.  Here's some quick sketches I handed to Christie Tseng.  The drawings are kinda poop, but it was just to show some facial expressions.

Kittens are horrible pilots.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

SDCC 2013 *Update!

I'm going to be helping out at the Womanthology booth at Comic Con San Diego!
Booth # HH-03
My schedule is:
Friday: 9:30-11:30am
Saturday: 9:30-1:30pm
Sunday: 3:30-5:00pm
I will have left over sketchcards for sale, and will sign Womanthology or any of my books brought to the table.  I won't have many copies of my sketchbook... but Stuart Ng's booth #5012 close by will!
I might be hanging out at Tr!ckster once in awhile, so watch my twitter during the convention to see where I'll be.

I will not be taking any commissions during the con.  Sorry!

Stay cool at con, drink lots of water and please wear deodorant!

I’ll have a sketchbook available at SDCC!
8x8 28 pgs full color
It’ll probably run $25, and be availble at www.stuartngbooks.com and at Tr!ckster outside the convention center!
Sorry it’s kind of expensive, printing was a bit nuts this year.  I’m going to try to include an original sketch in them.
Also,  I can’t reserve, or personally mail copies out. After the con it’s likely Stuart and Tr!ckster may have copies online.

This weekend Beware the Batman premieres!  I had friends who worked on it, so give it a chance!  And there's going to be a really cool Wonder Woman short!!
The first Amethyst short is also re-airing, which is kind of neat since in the old comics Wonder Woman was someone she looked up too. 


It's a tractor elf!  Her name is Jenna Dear!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Birthday and Anime Expo!

Today is my Mom's birthday!  She started watching DC Nation to catch the shorts, but got really into Blue Beetle's plot line on Young Justice instead.
(This is based on his Brave and the Bold design because I'm lazy.  He's adorable in that too, and might be the first super hero I've ever boarded?)

Anime Expo, at the Los Angeles convention center, this holiday weekend!

I have a few pages of art in this sketchbook with some talented friends!
Actually 8 artists contributed, not seven!  I think all of us work in animation, so stop by table f-24 to pick up a copy!
There is a little flip book of Banana Cat in there too!
If it becomes available online later, I'll post where, but no plans yet.

Forgot to mention I updated the zazzle store last month.  Billie mugs and a Space Unicorn poster!

Sketches and instagrams from the past few weeks.  It was over 100 degrees in Los Angeles this weekend.  Fun times.

My instagram name is potatofarmgirl, for those who've been asking.

Started playing Oracle of Seasons, but haven't had much time other than grabbing my sword.  

I've been listening to the preview tracks for the Balance and Ruin album from OC Remix.  Excited for the rest of the album to come out.  This and the new Studio Killers album have been on constant repeat.

Oh hohohoho.... make sure to pick up that sketchbook from Anime Expo....

Erased and screwed this page up, so this is all that exists.

His hat is fancy.

Snow White and other tales

Found a whole sketchbook from 2009 of unscanned art.  Most of it was for a Banana Cat pitch that never saw the light of day.  
Here's Henry the delivery boy.  He is afraid of dogs, it makes his job very hard!

Also a Harpy Gee scribble, was pitching it to another studio at the time, but never heard back.  So it was left unfinished.  Think I was getting ready for a trip to Tokyo then anyway.

Old sketch in a pile of papers

Annie from Skullgirls?! 

Skippy has been more adorable lately, I can't handle it.