Sunday, July 13, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 Schedule

Here's my schedule for San Diego Comic Con 2014!

3:30-7:00 pm Womanthology table #EE-4 in Artist Alley
10:00am, VIZ Booth, Hello Kitty signing  
1:30-5:00pm Womanthology table #EE-4 in Artist Alley

I will have a few sketch cards, prints, stickers, and Harpy books.  I cannot accept commissions before or during the con this year.

Stuart Ng will be carrying some Harpy books, since I will not be able to attend the con Thursday or Friday.  Anything he has left will probably end up in his online store.
This book is black and white inside, and covers up to when Goldie first appears.  The back of the book will include a signed original sketch.  If you miss out on this book, no worries!  I'm planning to print a larger book late fall, in color.  This one is a last minute item so I'd have something at SDCC.

If there are any changes to my schedule, I'll update this post.

Harpy is going on a mini break the next three weeks.  There will be three new guest comics in the mean time, starting tonight.  Please check them out, they're going to be amazing!

Finally went ahead and replaced my scanner.  
A few people over the years have asked what type of scanner I use.  Here's what I know so far:

After some research, it seems the quality of a stand alone scanner is better than getting a printer/scanner combo.  The few of those I've used, I've noticed that subtler colors, such as pinks, have a hard time showing up in scans.
Decided to stick with the Epson series, I've been fairly pleased with how my older one worked, I've had it since 2004, and it does still work, although with every computer update I have to finagle it.
New Epson Perfection v370 on the left, old Epson Perfection 2580 on the right. Not a huge difference, but the left is closer to the original, and it picked up the paper texture.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

July Catch Up!

I've been really busy, and let the ol' blog hibernate for too long.

I'm not even going to attempt posting all the art from the past month, but here's a start.

updates at midnight.

I'm going to be at Comic Con this year.  I'll be signing at Viz's booth Sunday morning.  Still getting all my ducks in a row, and will post my schedule soon!  
Have a happy summer!