Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Podaddoo Day!

Happy Birthday to my Dad!  He is a real potato farmer, and loves his taters like babies.  Please send him internet hugs today, if you see him in person, please give him chicken nuggets.

I'm going to be there!  

with the frame and matte 

A couple of marker drawings for fun.  Sat outside during the three day weekend, sunlight is the best coloring light.
Terra and Mog learning a new dance


Here are some instagrams from the past week or two, having a smart phone has made me really lazy at scanning art in.  

from a 2010 sketchbook

Went to a birthday party last week, and a friend really really wanted a Lobo drawing.  

weekend happy times

old Harpy sketches, she has a cake on her head

Meeting doodles from this morning
It's also my friend Geneva's birthday!  What a crazy Friday!!

I made some dumb gifs this week too!
How I work

And yay more Amethyst surprises!  A brand new spread in this week's "Lil Gotham" comic book.  It's nice they have the monster's actual names in here.  The Milliweeval was designed by Thomas Perkins, Slime was drawn by Claire Lenth!

Thanks to Anand Duncan for the heads up and photo!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Burrito Dump

Random dumb doodles because I'm getting busier and my brain hurts.

Nom nom yum!

 Mother's Day was this past weekend?  Did you hug your otter mommy?

some random doodles from meetings and warm poops

I drew some designs for the Dr. Lollipop short, coming soon to Cartoon Hangover on the youtubes!  Click the forest critters to go to the official blog!

Listened to the new Daft Punk streaming at work, like everybody else.  


Black Canary because she's the best!

 Worst Baby Daddy


I made a story gif on twitter for a friend as a joke... click the drawing to see the "Tale of the Burrito Bandit"!  

Monday, May 06, 2013

Monkey Poo

A girl that is also a monkey.

Cats cats cats cats cats cats
My lazy cat who does not help with anything.

Little quickie bird

Random Instagrams.  If it wasn't for this app, I really wouldn't have realized how much I draw. 
When I was going to update the blog tonight, thought I hadn't done much the past few weeks, but looking at my Instagram account says otherwise.

Found an old sketchbook from 2004?  These are early rough ideas for Kole, on Teen Titans.  Most of the drawings had her with blue hair.
Blip, Space Ghost's monkey.  I love him.

Drawn on a wall at a pizza cafe!
cats cats cats cats cats cats cats


Tumblr requests.  Amy and Constantine.  

I miss these characters.
I started a new job today, drawing more superheroes somewhere else.