Thursday, September 27, 2012

DC Nation, round 2, FIGHT!

This Saturday morning DC Nation starts airing new shows on Cartoon Network.  A nice surprise is the fifth SBFF short!

Lauren was nice and let me board it off of her script.  Plus it has Solomon Grundy!!!
Hawkgirl was just a doodle for fun... I don't think she'd be thrilled with Grundy trying to throw large cars at small children, or maybe some of the goofs these teenage girls do to poor Grundy.
Sorry Grundy!  ;_;

 Colored and cleaned up an old unused pose.  I don't know when Amethyst airs...but it'll be real soon!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Upon a Time

I scanned the top image with my newer scanner, and it couldn't pick up the hot pink hearts at all.  They were a dull blue.  So back to the dying Epson... poor little epson scanner.

Look what's in the back of the recent Green Lantern: The Animated Series comic book!  Was a surprise to me.  I swear this will be the last time I bring this up, my friends must be so annoyed by now.

Been using my phone to take pictures of doodles, hadn't had much time to scan stuff in.  
Weird instagram photo doodles after the cut.

Monday, September 03, 2012


Here is a playlist for outer space travels!  Some tracks are missing, make your own!

1. Heavenly Star- Genki Rockets
2. Rainbow Brite and Me
3. Pure Space- Unicorn Kid
4. Dance Like Me- Sugar Jesus
5. Starworshipper- Futurecop! Lenno Remix
6. The Best is Yet to Come- Sugar Jesus
7. Space Unicron- Parry Gripp
8. Hidup- Fear of Tigers

 Rainbow Brite and Me by thegodofbiscuits
 Pure Space by UNICORN KID
  Dance Like Me by Sugar Jesus
Futurecop! - Starworshipper (Lenno Remix) by Futurecop
The Best is Yet to Come by Sugar Jesus