Monday, July 28, 2008

Green Goldfish Paint

Survived San Diego. Was spaced out most of the time, didn't run into anybody I see regularly, but ran into a couple of people from other parts of the country. Tried meeting people at their booths, but most were either not there or the crowd was too insane. Lots of phone tag. Went to a crazy sushi place that kept giving us a ton of food and shots. I didn't take many photos, camera was acting funky, but the business card for the restuarant is with my camera, which I left at my friend's house. I'll put that stuff up later.

Group Art show stuff:
Fruits Go Go
August 2nd, 4-8pm
Monkey House Toys
Silverlake, CA

This will be on sale. I tried to draw something taller than four heads. Now I am sleepy.

Back to work.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

**Where shall I be Friday?**

At Comic Con San Diego. Inbetween "Armpit Aisle" and "Man with Overly Stimulated Sweat Gland Lane". Yeah, see if you can find me. I'll be selling nothing! I could easily be any of these people below.

I don't even know if I'm staying the night Friday, I am going to a bbq that night somewhere other than con.
Here is something I love. Seen at, if you haven't seen it before then you should see it NOW!!

It was animated by a Mr. Alex Butera.

I barely survived last week, but it might have been worth it. Haven't been able to sleep much the last few days, but in other news:

I'm also going to be in a gallery show August 2nd at Monkey House Toys in Silverlake. Post more on that later. Brains are mush right now.
****7/23/08 5:11am*** I've decided I REALLY HATE GOOGLE READER. Those who know what I'm talking about, feel free to contact me. If anyone knows a solution other than me being a dumbass please let me know. Ughh, what a nightmare. ***

Monday, July 14, 2008

Banana banana

Banana cat is stressed out for some reason.

I was up late tonight helping a friend with her awesome project. I drew the banana cats for the last thing tonight. I think I know where they live and what they do now, it's probably near something magical.
I might be going down to Comic Con next week, but I am not selling anything new or going to be at anything specific this year. Anyone who has emailed me in the past few weeks, I should be able to respond tomorrow night, sorry about that.

Last week was my bday, and I got really really spoiled! There was much hanging out with friends and hijinks, lunch with babies, and lots of awesome presents! Yay!! Spoiled!!
Below is a cake my friend Claire made me. It was red velvet, and made from scratch including the frosting! It was delicious!!

Thanks again everybody, everything I've recieved I'll put to good use! Thanks Abby for the strange creature I got in the mail!!
P.S. I'm embarrassing myself this friday. RAD!

Monday, July 07, 2008

I went to Anime Expo...

...and there was a Cosplay Life drawing session my friends dragged me too. I was exhausted, but it ended up being alot of fun. I saw an old CSSSA friend there, and another classmate I hadn't seen in five years.
I wasn't planning on drawing at the con, and didn't bring the supplies I'm used to. These are all drawn in a tiny crappy sketchbook. Most of these guys held the poses better than the naked models I had drawn from years ago. Mad props to you crazy cosplayers, all that sewing must strengthen your stamina.

"Dude, your princess in another castle."

Naruto's colors are switched. And he is drawn poopy. The girl dressed as Hsien-ko is an old CSSSA roommate!

Polka Vocaloid?

"Do you liek autobots?"

Afterward we went to Mimi's Cafe for dinnar. We bought four "Gurren Lagann" suprise toy boxes, but ended up with three of the same toy! :( How does that happen? While I was putting mine together, the little boy from the table next to us started playing waiter. This pretty much summed up our conversation. He really liked the robots.
For more crazy Anime Expo figure drawing, go here.

P.S. It's true, Anime Expo weakens the immune system.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Apple Blossoms

These photos were taken by my Mom this past spring. Today is her birthday!

They become apple blossoms. I haven't been home in a few years to see them bloom.

Apples are pretty.

Sketchbook apple sprites.

One of my earliest childhood memories is walking through a blossomed apple orchard with my mom. I'm not sure where we were going, to see Dad, get the mail, or just getting out, but Adam wasn't born yet. That's my Dad's dog Mugger.
He could ride passenger on motorcycles and used to pull my sled. When I first saw "Hey There it's Yogi Bear", I thought the dog in that was named after him.

I have photos from my trip last week, but I'm too sleepy to get them all uploaded tonight.
Here is one of Toodles and Toonces. They are the new kitties my family has back home. They are sister and brother.

This was a request for a friend's bday last week. No more Nono for the rest of the year. Dang that's a small apple..... D:

I was trying to find a music video for "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" sung by Georgia Gibbs, but couldn't find one. The song is lovely though, go find it.