Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girly Poo!

Contest Time!
For anyone who cares, Now it is time for a contest! I'm giving out 10 codes, I might get some more later.

Here is the dumb question:
Where is the song used on the end credits of my student film,"Movie Munchies" from?

Leave your answer and I'll send you a download code. Yay.


"Girly Poo", the sketchbook app is now in the iTunes store. It's 33 pages, ten are exclusive to the app. The rest of the images are hi-res scans that have been posted on my blog or website before. I would have liked to have 33 new images but free time has been elusive. The good news is that the app is cheap, $2.99. There is an actual page from "Billie the Unicorn", two new pages of Tricky and Gorf, two new pages of Banana Cat, bunch of girl drawings from when I was on 3000, and a few others.

Anyone going to be at Anime Expo this coming weekend? I'm going to be on a panel at AX 2010 in LA, unless I chicken out or come down with ebola.
Here is the info:

"Breaking In! Working in Animation!
Giving tips on how to break into the domestic animation industry. Speakers will discuss how they got in and how anime influenced their work. Guest speakers will vary from writer, creator, director, character designer and production."

July 3rd, Saturday, 8pm, room lp2

Speakers so far on the panel are Jay Oliva, George Krstic, Alan Wan, Derrick Wyatt, Ciro Nieli,and Will Feng. If you are a student or interested in the mysterious rituals of TV animation this may be a good place to come ask questions, or watch me make an idiot of myself.

I will have buttons. Skippy hates them.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beautiful Wedding Day!

One of my dear cousins is getting married today! This is for her and the groom.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Otter you happy to sea me? :D

Some old otters, keepers of an ancient to do list.
Stuff I drew during meetings. Trying to keep my eyes open in the current freezing studio I'm at.

Inspired by Nemurism, she's amazing!

Paul Robertson is awesome!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Eeny Teeny Sketchcards

Little bitty bristol cards!

Going to Disneyland today with Mary! :3