Thursday, April 25, 2013


Said on Twitter if she hit 30%, I'd make a drawing.
Really need to get a new scanner...

Hey! Vote for your favorite short on DC’s website!!! I really want to work on one of these shows with my friends!!! Or at least get a toy or a t shirt…

I'm sleepy and my eyes hurt. Here's a nice song.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Catch Up!

"Magical Girl is Suffering"
Princess Tutu sketch request from Tumblr.

I'm finishing the last of Dr. Lollipop designs today for Frederator, and starting two new projects on Monday.  Iv'e been busy, but here are a bunch of really scribbled doodles from the past month, when I had a moment.

Horrible barfs from other corners of the internet!

Last night sketch answers for stupid tumblr questions
Cyan teaching Gau how to drink tea like a gentleman.

 This is Starfire looking at a magazine.    This is what Amethyst would look like in a dystopian future  with muscles and lasers.

The rest are "draw Amethyst balancing a ball on her sword", and "what does Topaz eat?"
What these questions I don't why? How???

This ended up turning into a twitter discussion with @my2k 

more quick sketch requests from tumblr
Terra from Final Fantasy VI


Wonder Woman and Zatanna

I saw Kary Pamyu Pamyu in concert at the Nokia Live theater in Los Angeles
The majestic Nope-gacorn

This is Marlo's husband, Launchpad McQuack 

 Tumblr question; "Topaz x Amethyst?"

Some sorta doodle not using color.

Princess Tutu, this show was good.

Some Instagrams

Last weekend monkey girl sketch

snow monkey daddy

Drawn during editing last summer.

It was Superman's birthday a couple of days ago, it's also one of my uncle's!

Drawn this morning... they gave me a free hazlenut latte!

Sticker drawing from Wondercon, for a five year old girl.  She is a surfer, and her parents showed me photos of her tearing it up on a surfboard.  She was really friendly and happy too!

Wondercon sketch, it was also Easter weekend

Sketch request from Wondercon

This was drawn by Valerie Fletcher, don't know why, she's weird.

I turned on the new google comments system.  What will happen?