Monday, March 22, 2010

The Ultimate Cupcake of Redonkulous

I sketched this during a meeting a couple of months ago. Totally looks like what I'm drawing at work. :/ Fail.

Anyway, prepare for the ultimate cuteness, from Russia with love:

Ohmmmmmmaaaahhhhhgooooodness!!!! XD

Something from a couple of weeks ago, I still haven't seen the new movie, but there is Alice in Wonderland crap everywhere. It's infected my brainzzz.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Skippy's Pot o' Gold

Skippy is hiding his pot o' gold under his pot o' belly. Disclaimer: He is not really a leperchaun, he has no concept of St. Patrick's Day in general. One of my cousin's has his birthday on St. Patty's, so early happy bday to you, allll the way in Japan.

Here is a musician I found the other day. She has happy music, and here is a fan video someone made for one of her songs.
Rachel Goodrich- Light Bulb

Monday, March 08, 2010

Happy Sunny PooPoo Day!

I'm super insano busy, so here are some important videos!

The first one is "Ghost Chef"! Two of my friends were involved in the creation of this amazing looking game. Steph Laberis designed it, and powerhouse animator Abby Goldsmith animated it!!! Anyone with an XBox is a lucky dog, with the chance to help little ghosties cook monstrous atrocities in the kitchen!

Now it is time for cat videos. It is always time for cat videos. Enjoy the cats, for they enjoy YOU.

May everyone have a catastic week! :P