Monday, May 28, 2018

Harpy Gee animated short.

March 3, 2018, while I was tabling at ECCC, the Harpy Gee short I'd spent two years in development with Nickelodeon went live on youtube.  I'm still over the moon this exists after all these years.  Everyone I worked with at Nick on this project was amazing and supportive, I'm so glad to have had this experience!

This past Thursday, I found out they had passed on bringing it to series.  I'm ok with this decision, I'll be able to continue writing and drawing the comic, and will be able to finish the story.
Only a few years ago I wouldn't have believed any of this would have been a possibility, seeing and hearing these characters move and speak after all these years just makes me smile.

Thank you thank you to all those who supported and believed in me, I made it this far because of you.


💚 Links to designs and gifs from the shorts! 💚


💚 Twitter Moment with details and extras from the production! 💚

💚 Harpy Gee short crew:
I was the director, storyboard artist, and character designer.
Writing help/script by Dani Michaeli
Extra character models by Kathryn Marusik
Prop Design Katie Pambuku
Character Color by Claire Lenth
Background Layout by Amber Blade Jones
Background paint and Color script by Chu-Hui Song
Kind Execs and others who guided me Audrey Diehl, Phil Rynda, Gabe Swarr, Glen Murakami
Animation studio is Maven in South Korea

💚 Voice Cast
Harpy is Kamali Minter
Opal and Pumkin is Ashley Spillars
Humphrey is Jason Spisak
Ash is John Omohundro

 💚  💚