Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween poopoofaces!

Happy Halloween every budd-ay! I have to go give out candy to little boogery children now.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Enchilada, burrito, y taquito!!

Yay!!! Just what everybody wants to see! More cat photos!!!
This year, Skippy wants to be an enchilada for Halloween.
He is a high calorie enchilada full of cheese and beans.
Feel bad for poor apartment kitties that don't get to go outside.

A tree kitty, mocking Skippy's confinement.
Get in my belly!
  • An epic movie about Skippy
  • Friday, October 28, 2005


    F%%% blogger. It's all glitchy. Stoopid! lost my crap. oh well.
    Anyways....I drew a ninja. She is sad, I do not know why, but I found a
  • ninja man with no shirt
  • . I just found him, I wasn't looking for ninjas. Maybe now she won't be so sad?

  • Another ninja man.
  • Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    Sara figure painting.

    Old...ughhhh. Icky naked lady. This is from 2001, my junior year at CalFarts. She's like, the most famous model at the school, or something. Look at any portfolio from that school and you'll see a bazillion sketches of her. Not that it's a bad thing. Most colleges rotate the same models I'm sure. Don't know if she still poses for the workshops or other places in LA. This wasn't done in MS paint. I think it was watercolor, during a morning session. This is a crappy scan of a laser copy of it. Don't know where the original is, so the colors are pretty greyed out. I used to paint. I miss it.

    p.s. Listening to soundtrack internet radio. They're playing the
  • "Sneakers"
  • soundtrack. YES!!

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005

    Meat meat meat!! Rawr, rawr, rawr!!!

    A dinosuar hunting for meat in the night. Meat, meat, meat! This was made with MS Paint, the best art program out there! Rawr!!!

    Monday, October 24, 2005

    Artseee fartseeee!

    Did this drawing for something I want to do this weekend. Found this video on boingboing I think.
  • It's an electronic paintbrush that can pick up textures and colors, and then you can paint digitally with them!
  • The video is a pretty fun demostration, and has some catchy music too!
    Some more videos from They seem to have a better selection than google at the moment.
  • An old 70's anime intro

  • "Betty Boop's Snow White"
  • I'm not a big Betty Boop fan, but there are a lot morphing Fleischer gags, and an awesome Cab Calloway song.

    Sunday, October 23, 2005


    Look. A kelpie. A horse fishy creature. Drew this months ago.

    I went to "The Grove" in Hollywood yesterday. It's an outdoor yuppie mall. Very entertaining. Tiny dogs are a fashion statement there. Dogs are cool, especially mutts. I saw an old man with a whippet. I would like to adopt a whippet someday. They are used in racing, and are very sweet dogs. I heard that when they retire the dogs, alot of them go up for adoption, and some have heart problems. 'Cause they run really fast. I have some old whippet drawings somewhere, maybe I'll post them soon.
    Here are my dumb internet finds for the weekend. They're old and annoying. Annoying is a plus.
  • They're taking the hobbits to Isenguard!

  • MP3 of the song
  • Fred Moore is hot.

    ....or says Paris Hilton. 'Cause that's the only adjective she knows. I went to a Gris Grimley gallery show Sat. night. It was neato, there was alot of artwork from "The Muddy Spud". I really like his water nymph print. Maybe someday it will live in my house. The show was at Van Eaton Animation gallery, they had alot of other stuff there too. Look at this beautiful Fred Moore(?) centaurette. He probably animated this, I'm not sure. It looks like his design though. There is even some walk timing under her feet. Oh the days of hand drawn animation....hope they become popular soon! Inspiration!! Every little girl animator's happiness!

    Saturday, October 22, 2005

    Hiatus, hibernation, vacation, lay-off...whatever you prefer

    So my last day was yesterday. A bunch of us went out for Korean food last night. Last day of group coffee break for awhile too. Maybe I'll be back, depends on what shows the network wants I guess. In the meantime, I'll work on my stuff, enjoy 1pm naps, and catching up with friends. Kinda sad 'cause it was really cool there. Poop. That's animation.
    Here are some gross doodles I did at work a long time ago. I don't post this stuff on my website 'cause people confuse it for "development art". It's not. Just a bunch of wonky stupid drawings, that are very off model.

    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    Let's get Diggin'!!

    Ok, for some reason, I am now obsessed with really bad cg animation with an extrememly low poly count. I don't know what game this is from, but the song is quite catchy!
  • Diggin'

  • Also, in case any one missed it, this little gem fits the bad cg category too. Bad Zelda
    AAAAHHHH!!! Saw this on, more info there. Totorro screening Saturday night at the Arclight. AAAAHHHH!!! Apparantly, you need to pay
  • $1295
  • to get passes to the Hollywood Film Festival, but maybe I'm being stupid and reading it wrong. Maybe I should email them. Grrr....forget it. It's not worth it, especially for an english dub with Dakota Fanning.

    From Cartoon Brew:
    Posted by JERRY at 12:01 AM
    You can still get tickets for the Hollywood Film Festival closing night World Premiere of Disney's dub of MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO. Hayao Miyazaki's 1988 animated classic has been re-dubbed by an all-star cast including Dakota Fanning, Timothy Daly and Pat Carroll. It's one of Miyazaki's best, and it's currently hard-to-find on dvd. I will be hosting a Q & A with English version production personel before the show. October 23rd at 7pm at the Arclight Cinema on Sunset Blvd. More info here."

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    I Harth Darth

    A cute tiny comic about Darth Vader's daily life. Kinda hard to read 'cause they are so small. And cute.
  • I Harth Darth
  • The most recent comics involve Darth's hatred for Han because he's dating Leia. He's an
  • overprotective dad.

  • This post-it drawing was made weeks ago. I owe one of my co-workers a drawing, so she's probably getting this one. She makes beautiful origami. I have sharks, lobsters, crabs, pill bugs and flower origameees.
    Eeek! One more note.
  • THIS
  • pretty much sums up where internet is going.

    Monday, October 17, 2005

    Game for Cat lovers

    I'm not posting drawings this week 'cause my soul belongs to work at it's final hour. EEK! But I will post other dumb crap. Here is a game where you can run over cats with you car!
  • Run over cats with a car game
  • I do not condone real life violence against cats, but when it's a flash game with man made car noises, you cannot go wrong. I am not very good at this game. I killed only 6 cats. When you run out of time, your car explodes!
    (note: This link was found at
  • . A very awesome British flash site. If you've never visited, you should.

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    Bust a Move!

    Flash Simulator of Bust A Move,
  • Here

  • In case that link isn't working, here is the same game.....with

  • Bubble Bobble es goodo...

    I found these links through this site.
  • The best site ever for info on Bubble Bobble, Bust a Move, Kiwi Kraze, and other Taito games.

    Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Unico again!

    One of my co-workers found a deranged Unico. Made my day. The deranged one is on the left. It was made by Sega, probably for the UFO machines in Japan. The one on the right I found on Ebay a while back. He is more on model. I think he may be from the Tezuka museum. Bizarro Unico love little Unico!

    In other resume is on my website again. Alas, a mass hiatus is coming soon, very soon. It's so great to work there, I've learned so much from talented somewhat mentally balanced people. In the words of the profound Cyborg: "Boo-yah."

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    Umbrella Day

    Uhhhh....lots of stuff to post. I draw umbrellas. Also, a constipated turtle, 'cause Heather wanted to do a group drawing theme thingy mcdoo. And finally a photo from 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. My work is accepting donations(clothing articles, toys, hygeine products, money) for hurricane relief. There is a donation box in the main conference room. So if you guys have stuff to give, drop it off there. Let the pooty begin.

    A turtle with the Angel of Constipation. I should have spent more time on the turtle. Constipation is hard to draw.

    A funny photo on the promenade. So funny. No photoshop needed. Just real life.
    Oh yes. Found this years ago. This is what it is like to play a
  • Final Fantazy
  • game.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    Pinky Street is Cooo!!

    I found an english Pinky Street site. So GOOOD!!!

  • I'll post that turtle drawing tomorrow. I left it on my work desk. Phhhh!!!

    Monday, October 10, 2005

    The Monster Show

    This is my submission for "The Monster Show"(Oct.13-Nov.3) at Nucleus. I don't have a good color copy at the moment. I didn't have time to scan it in before I turned it in. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to do that when the show comes down. Here are some wierd jpgs of it though. One I took with my camera. The later was a scan from the gallery. Those colors are closer. Lastly, is a final sketch I made, then transfered it onto perriwinkle sanford paper. I colored it with tria markers, col-erase, water color, and gold metallic gel pens. That's the border around the hair. So if you saw it in person it'd be sparkly. She's a mermaid banshee.

    Info on "The Monster Show"
  • HERE
  • . Alot of fellow co-workers, friends, and all around amazing artists will be presenting artwork. Plus, 10% off at the store for any one wearing a halloween costume.

    Yay! Boo!!

    Good news. I saw the new "Wallace and Gromit" movie last night. Lovely, lovely, lovely. GO SEE IT NOW!!! Two words: Floating Rabbits. Plus other cuteness I cannot give away. Now for the bad news. Aardman's archives burned down! What the *&%#!?!! Found out about this on News article here
  • Aardman Fire

  • The movie came in #1 at the U.S. box office this weekend. I doubt this will be the end of Aardman though. Still, this is pretty crazy.

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Wonder Woman!!

    Partly inspired by Mary's post, partly inspired by free comic book table at work.

    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    New links and blogs

    An icky doodle that did not end up in "Banana Cat".

    Now for some links.
    Here are some new fabulous blogs.
  • Jose Lopez
  • is a character designer on "The Batman".
    So is
  • Tom Perkins.

  • Now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!
    What happens when you add Mentos (the fresh maker) to soda pop?
  • THIS
  • happens!
    One more note for anyone who is curious:
  • new "Cars" trailer
  • Sunday, October 02, 2005

    Lots o' Stuff!

    Lots of stuff to post 'cause I am having family visiting soon, and I don't want to be on the internet then!
    Last Friday, Henry Selick spoke at Calarts and showed the completed version of the short
  • "Moon Girl"
  • . The theatre was packed. I had to rush from work to make it on time, but ended out in the hallway. I couldn't see all the details, but the bad guys in the film make this cool under water gurgling noise. There is also a giant cat and a little flying squirrel in the film. I hope this gets picked up and shown at a local theatre somewhere. He was at the school scouting for the new studio, LAIKA Entertainment. They are up in Portland, Oregon, and are named after the first Russian dog in space. The studio used to be Vinton, until Will Vinton left a few years ago. It would be nice to work up there, and learn from the amazingly creative people there. Luckily, I am also working and learning from some pretty amazing artists here in LA, plus I'm settled here. Portland is six hours from my parents house. Maybe if one of my friends gets to work there, I could meet up with them on my visits home. I'm sure the features that will be coming out of that studio will be lovely. So...on that note here are some photos and stuff!

    After we went to the screening, a bunch of us went to the gross Del Taco we used to go to when we were young and bright eyed. We then walked to Toys R Us. Kendra and Marina then had an epic battle with crayon light sabers!! Look at how fast they are fighting!!

    A scotty dog at Toys R Us. I did not take him home.

    This cute little guy was guarding Kendra's house.

    Celes from Final Fantasy Six.

    Horse butt.

    Been having to draw lots of school girls at work. This one is a doodle that won't appear in anything.

    A plinky monster. He isn't for the montster show. Info about the show
  • here.