Monday, February 23, 2009

I will obey the traffic rules...


Off model wonky for Fill 'cause I owe him, and this is what he wanted. He is off the qeue. I've been a good type of busy the last couple of weeks, and it's going to get busier. It's a relief. A big happy relief, thank goodness. Replying to emails finally today. Sorry about that.
*Also, don't remember how to draw the bottom of their shoes, or the characters. Model sheets are stuck under junk in closet, to lazy to find them. To lazy to google. Lazy.
Speaking of my laziness and inability to focus on anything not in front of me. My friend Frankie Peak updated his website, and finally has a blog! He had an endless Red Bull supply at school, I remember his wife bringing us delicious baked goods. He was a good wing man and he let me design a hot hillbilly lady for one of his films. Go bother him and send him hugs!