Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Welcome Home

This Saturday,
Amethyst, Level 7: Welcome Home
and Ben Jones, the DC Nation shorts producer awesome dude that made sure this didn’t explode and melt into goo. This is the last Amethyst short! :D
Hope people enjoyed them.  If they didn't, it's all over, the scary purple girl monsters are gone........ for now.

Emerald City Comic Con was great this past weekend!  Going to try to go next year too!!  I'll save the art dump from the past  few days for the next blog post.


Krystal Pistol said...

Your sketch work, line work, and color work are just amazing! I never tire of looking at your art. For me, it's very inspirational and very motivating. Please keep posting (no rush of course) I always look forward to your post on my blogger feed <3 :).

Q said...

She's saying me "Hi"! ^^ I love her.