Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Emerald City, Seattle, this weekend!

   Emerald City Comic Con is this weekend!  Here are the rest of the sketchcards I'm bringing. 

Saturday March 2nd ONLY!
Also Billie, and what is left of my "Tater Tots" sketchbook

...and since updates might be hard tomorrow with packing and finishing up loose ends...
This might air Saturday.  If not, it's already in the old DC Nation trailer.

Amethyst, Level 6: The Final Boss

Storyboarded by Jay Baker!
Claire Lenth   Character Color Stylist.
Valerie Kung  Background Layouts.
Mari Hosaka Background Painter.
Mary Hoffman  props.

Will this be the end?  DUN DUN DUN!!!


JennySRP said...

<3 love all of it!

Jon McNally said...

Boo! Can't make it this year and I would KILL for an Amethyst or FFVI sketchcard. Maybe next time?!? Have fun!