Sunday, July 22, 2012


I survived San Diego Comic Con, and somehow survived the past year!  Saw a lot of friends from near and afar last weekend, many who helped make the Amethyst shorts.  Finally there is some animation online, pretty exciting.  

Here's the trailer for the next round of DC Nation shorts, lots of cool stuff.  Amethyst is at the end!

I do not know when the new shorts air, but in the meantime, here's some heroines!

 ❤ One thing off my bucket list...lucky.


JennySRP said...

zomg amethyst is about to be my new most favorite thing ever. it looks so awesome!!!

Katie said...

Your drawings make me feel good!

Unknown said...

You're probably still tired from SDCC, but I was wondering when your next convention appearance might be? Just want to try my luck again at picking up a copy of Tater Tots. Missed my chance at SDCC and ECCC.

Lady Garland said...

All the heroines!!! XD

Tom Bancroft said...

The Amethyst section of that preview is the best part! Nice job!