Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Village of the Frogs

This Saturday, the second Amethyst short airs on DC Nation.
This one was storyboarded by Chrissy Delk!

BG Layout by Valerie Kung
BG color by Mari Hosaka
Props by Mary Hoffman
Character color by Claire Lenth
Character Designs by Claire and I
Also extra guidance from Ben Jones
For how short these are, design and prep wise we might as well be making a 10 minute episode.

For some reason, I'm still fighting some nasty flu/cold/ebola.  
Here's some left overs from the past month or so.


These people.


Faery Chaos said...

Just had the flu, it sucks :( Hope you feel better soon!!

Alebak said...

Just got over it myself, flu season is particularly bad this year. Hope you feel better and i'm looking forward to the next short!

Percy Bysshe said...

I just know that the kids are just going to go crazy over Amethyst and it's going to be huge - and you'll totally become a key creative Gemworld architechtonic conceptualiser person or something like that...

get well soon... a balanced lifestyle is important - I like to practice the very obscure ancient oriental form of Dancing Crane/Hidden Grasshopper Tai Chi on a dock post every morning at sunrise - that helps - and multi-vitamins, big red ones, they almost make you choke, but they're very complete...

paul said...

Ya know, Miss Drouhard, I don't like Carnelian. He's smartalecky, he's sexist (I could see his bullyism in your drawing), he's like the brand of insult humor, and he's kinda negative.:b

On second thought, I think I'm tickled of such a bum like him:-D

These are my emoticons and they can make your statements easier to do.

-Polyvios C.