Monday, September 19, 2011

This is not fire

I was sick all weekend.  Tried to make photoshop fire for fun.  Does not look like fire.  Maybe snot fire?

I was listening the "Wild Arms" opening while drawing this. Click and pretend it's epic, or something.

 Gonna go drink me some more of that thar Nyquil. Bye!


Anonymous said...

I could give you some tips about photoshop. Its my primary mode of art creation.

JennySRP said...

Love it, she looks like a Legend of Zelda character! so fierce.

flashfox said...

I think if you took that outlining of the fire and lowered the opacity and blurred it as a bit of glow that would help.
The fire shapes do sort of remind me of plasma or something more liquid, so I'd maybe add some sharper edges to it so its not so bubbly and fluid-like. Her hair actually would make great flames come to think of it. Just a little constructive criticism from one artist to another. ;) But I am quite a fan and your works are always impressive and a pleasure for the eyes.

Thomas Perkins said...

I really dig this, pretty dynamic!