Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sara figure painting.

Old...ughhhh. Icky naked lady. This is from 2001, my junior year at CalFarts. She's like, the most famous model at the school, or something. Look at any portfolio from that school and you'll see a bazillion sketches of her. Not that it's a bad thing. Most colleges rotate the same models I'm sure. Don't know if she still poses for the workshops or other places in LA. This wasn't done in MS paint. I think it was watercolor, during a morning session. This is a crappy scan of a laser copy of it. Don't know where the original is, so the colors are pretty greyed out. I used to paint. I miss it.

p.s. Listening to soundtrack internet radio. They're playing the
  • "Sneakers"
  • soundtrack. YES!!
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