Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Long Time No See

Haven't updated in months.  Back drawing storyboards, really busy with the comic, and amazing freelance.  My comic is still on, but now has it's own site too!

The top piece will be used as a cover for a Harpy Gee book, containing all the pages of chapter 1 in color, plus a few goodies.  I'm going to be at in December, and am planning on having this book available there.  I'll look into having it carried online, and having copies at ECCC next spring.

If you are near Burbank, CA this Friday, the top piece and everything else in this post will be in a gallery show!  I'm also framing a few of the original black and white comic pages for display, and might bring a few more older pieces.  Not everything will be available for sale.

  • at 6:00pm in PST

    The Animation Guild, IATSE Local 839
    1105 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, California 91505

  • "Ten: A Magical Art Collection by 10 Fabulous Females" presents to you a gathering of fantastic artwork brought to you by 10 talented women working in a wide variety of creative fields. Some work in kids books, others in television and video games. Why not come on down and meet the ladies and see the fruits of their non-work related labors!


Daisy Church
Liz Climo 
Sherry DeLorme
Anand Duncan
Brianne Drouhard
Kelley Frisby
Jessica Kreig Hendron
Mary J. Hoffman
Stephanie Oliveri
Ekaterina Oloy

This piece is Not for sale

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Makoto and the Meatball Head!

My pieces for the Meatball Head/Sailor Moon gallery show at Meltdown Comics, this Saturday!
I really wanted to make a larger piece that included all the scouts, but just didn't have time.  
Makoto "Cooking with Lightning" is in a 5x7 frame, "Mini Moon Me" is in a 9x12.

Link for this week's Harpy Gee update!

Harpy is going to be simultaneously hosted on next month, which means it'll have it's own little corner online!

Harpy also had a nice mention on io9 yesterday!  Apologies for the spelling error in the hosted image,   it'll be fixed in later editions of the comic.

If anyone is interested in a coffee mug, or book bag, my zazzle and red bubble stores have a few new items.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Hey it's August.
I'm still alive.  
Been storyboarding, went to SDCC.
If anyone would like one of the black and white Harpy Gee books, has a few.
Harpy started backup yesterday.
 A few kind friends drew guest comics for me the past month.  There maybe a few more in the future!
Here are some of the gifs I used for the video, and a big spoiler page at the bottom.


Sketchbook page from May.  
There's a spoiler on it.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 Schedule

Here's my schedule for San Diego Comic Con 2014!

3:30-7:00 pm Womanthology table #EE-4 in Artist Alley
10:00am, VIZ Booth, Hello Kitty signing  
1:30-5:00pm Womanthology table #EE-4 in Artist Alley

I will have a few sketch cards, prints, stickers, and Harpy books.  I cannot accept commissions before or during the con this year.

Stuart Ng will be carrying some Harpy books, since I will not be able to attend the con Thursday or Friday.  Anything he has left will probably end up in his online store.
This book is black and white inside, and covers up to when Goldie first appears.  The back of the book will include a signed original sketch.  If you miss out on this book, no worries!  I'm planning to print a larger book late fall, in color.  This one is a last minute item so I'd have something at SDCC.

If there are any changes to my schedule, I'll update this post.

Harpy is going on a mini break the next three weeks.  There will be three new guest comics in the mean time, starting tonight.  Please check them out, they're going to be amazing!

Finally went ahead and replaced my scanner.  
A few people over the years have asked what type of scanner I use.  Here's what I know so far:

After some research, it seems the quality of a stand alone scanner is better than getting a printer/scanner combo.  The few of those I've used, I've noticed that subtler colors, such as pinks, have a hard time showing up in scans.
Decided to stick with the Epson series, I've been fairly pleased with how my older one worked, I've had it since 2004, and it does still work, although with every computer update I have to finagle it.
New Epson Perfection v370 on the left, old Epson Perfection 2580 on the right. Not a huge difference, but the left is closer to the original, and it picked up the paper texture.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

July Catch Up!

I've been really busy, and let the ol' blog hibernate for too long.

I'm not even going to attempt posting all the art from the past month, but here's a start.

updates at midnight.

I'm going to be at Comic Con this year.  I'll be signing at Viz's booth Sunday morning.  Still getting all my ducks in a row, and will post my schedule soon!  
Have a happy summer!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Funko Harpy Gee Auction!

The Funko Harpy Gee figure I customed will be up for auction tomorrow, May 5th!  Sadly it looks like she was damaged during shipping to Seattle, but she comes with her pet Pumpkin Cat and the above sketch card.  I'm also willing to throw in a commission for whoever wins the auction.

There are many amazing customs by other artists.
Proceeds benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital!

If this is something you'd like to own, please contact Hero Complex Gallery.

 Early sketches of Goldie the dragon and a month's worth of other miscellaneous doodles.


Rough Layouts