Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lots o' Stuff!

Lots of stuff to post 'cause I am having family visiting soon, and I don't want to be on the internet then!
Last Friday, Henry Selick spoke at Calarts and showed the completed version of the short
  • "Moon Girl"
  • . The theatre was packed. I had to rush from work to make it on time, but ended out in the hallway. I couldn't see all the details, but the bad guys in the film make this cool under water gurgling noise. There is also a giant cat and a little flying squirrel in the film. I hope this gets picked up and shown at a local theatre somewhere. He was at the school scouting for the new studio, LAIKA Entertainment. They are up in Portland, Oregon, and are named after the first Russian dog in space. The studio used to be Vinton, until Will Vinton left a few years ago. It would be nice to work up there, and learn from the amazingly creative people there. Luckily, I am also working and learning from some pretty amazing artists here in LA, plus I'm settled here. Portland is six hours from my parents house. Maybe if one of my friends gets to work there, I could meet up with them on my visits home. I'm sure the features that will be coming out of that studio will be lovely. So...on that note here are some photos and stuff!

    After we went to the screening, a bunch of us went to the gross Del Taco we used to go to when we were young and bright eyed. We then walked to Toys R Us. Kendra and Marina then had an epic battle with crayon light sabers!! Look at how fast they are fighting!!

    A scotty dog at Toys R Us. I did not take him home.

    This cute little guy was guarding Kendra's house.

    Celes from Final Fantasy Six.

    Horse butt.

    Been having to draw lots of school girls at work. This one is a doodle that won't appear in anything.

    A plinky monster. He isn't for the montster show. Info about the show
  • here.
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