Monday, July 28, 2008

Green Goldfish Paint

Survived San Diego. Was spaced out most of the time, didn't run into anybody I see regularly, but ran into a couple of people from other parts of the country. Tried meeting people at their booths, but most were either not there or the crowd was too insane. Lots of phone tag. Went to a crazy sushi place that kept giving us a ton of food and shots. I didn't take many photos, camera was acting funky, but the business card for the restuarant is with my camera, which I left at my friend's house. I'll put that stuff up later.

Group Art show stuff:
Fruits Go Go
August 2nd, 4-8pm
Monkey House Toys
Silverlake, CA

This will be on sale. I tried to draw something taller than four heads. Now I am sleepy.

Back to work.
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