Monday, July 14, 2008

Banana banana

Banana cat is stressed out for some reason.

I was up late tonight helping a friend with her awesome project. I drew the banana cats for the last thing tonight. I think I know where they live and what they do now, it's probably near something magical.
I might be going down to Comic Con next week, but I am not selling anything new or going to be at anything specific this year. Anyone who has emailed me in the past few weeks, I should be able to respond tomorrow night, sorry about that.

Last week was my bday, and I got really really spoiled! There was much hanging out with friends and hijinks, lunch with babies, and lots of awesome presents! Yay!! Spoiled!!
Below is a cake my friend Claire made me. It was red velvet, and made from scratch including the frosting! It was delicious!!

Thanks again everybody, everything I've recieved I'll put to good use! Thanks Abby for the strange creature I got in the mail!!
P.S. I'm embarrassing myself this friday. RAD!
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