Friday, August 01, 2008

Slush Puppie 4 U!

Today 25 years ago, I was no longer an only child. I had to learn how to share my toys, watch as my Strawberry Shortcake pop-up book was destroyed, get kicked in the teeth by little cowboy boots, throw dirt clods, and kill the other dinosaur in "Bubble Bobble" with lighting. Wuv u baby bro.

Slush Puppie for you, since Sea Fair apparantly has you holed up in your apartment.
Read about Slush Puppie.

Look at Slush Puppie. He used to be really cute, the one on wikipedia looks weird. I guess cute doesn't sell anymore. :(
"Slush Puppie" is the official drink of tractor drivers. Now being sold at "Bob's Korner", in Othello, WA.
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