Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anaheim this weekend!

I'll be at the Anaheim Comic Con this weekend, sharing a table with the illustrious Mr. Thomas Perkins. Do you like aliens? Do you like unicorns? If you come to our table, we will hook you up with both! It's like peanut butter and jelly!
We will NOT be there Friday, I will be stuck at work being a good person doing job stuffs, but will be there Saturday and Sunday! I will have the usual assortment of books, charms, and prints....and maybe a few sketch cards.
Our table is against the wall, near the bathrooms and food, #1900!! Bathrooms, food, and comics, they go so well together!

Hope everyone had a hoppy Easter. I don't know what is up with this drawing, I just wanted to draw a team of bunny girls that use random objects for weapons. They have absolutely nothing to do with Easter.

I had a marker workshop at Nucleus last weekend. It went really well, thank you to everyone who came out. I understand it was a busy holiday weekend for a lot of people, and I really appreciate everyone who traveled out to Alhambra to visit. I hope I didn't bore anyone, I take a long time inking and tend to ramble when I'm nervous.
There were a few high school students, a couple of girls from Calarts (they were within the last days of finishing their films for Open Show, WHY WEREN'T YOU TWO SLEEPING OMG?!?♥ I still get nightmares this time of year about finishing a film) a couple of families with their cute kids, one of my teachers from CSSSA, co-workers, people who were on a bus for hours.... I hope you ALL had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the rest of your Saturday!
Nucleus did take some charms and prints from me, I don't think they have posted them yet. I'll link to them when I know they are online, for the people who have been emailing me inquiring about them.

I also got to meet Chi the drummer for The Go! Team last Monday. Chi is awesome, she gave me some signed EP's, and we went to dinner with a few friends. We mostly talked about cute dogs and where to find comics in Los Angeles, next time she visits we'll take her shopping for books! The concert was great, it felt good to get out and jump around like a goofball. Thank you Chi!♥ ♥ ♥
I need to add the UK to the places to visit!
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