Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Wiped out

The Wizard World comic con at Anaheim was crazy! We were only there Saturday, apologies for anyone who came by Sunday. I started feeling sick so didn't come back. I've spent most of Monday having a mild asthma attack. Fun times!
Thanks to anyone who came by over the weekend and picked up a book, prints, or a necklace! I'm almost out of charms, but should have some at the end of the month. If anyone in LA is looking for a signed book, Robocon in Chinatown might still have a couple...

Here is some poop I draweded-ed.

Wonder Girl was a commission. I'm not taking any more commissions for awhile, have a lot of drawing to get through this month!

Baticorn sketch for someone at Anaheim. They couldn't decide between Batman or a Unicorn. This is the only option I could think of. He has an utility saddle!

Alan W. took this away.

Robot/Geisha combo theme for girlsdrawingirls.blogspot.com and bristolwhip.blogspot.com
I need to catch up with the themes on Bristol Whip. So behind. -_-

I drew a butt for the Girls Drawing Girls April theme. At least it's a clean butt.
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