Saturday, April 09, 2011

Upcoming Unicorn Undertakings

Survived my first Wondercon! Thank you all who came by, it was really great meeting everyone! The book did super well, we almost ran out! The book is also available online now, and hopefully it won't be on back order for awhile.
At the moment, I'm getting over a sore throat, or as one of my friend's calls it, "The Wrath of Con".
I didn't get to explore San Francisco very much, that will have to be for another time.

Batgirl and Supergirl were for a commission someone contacted me for weeks ago. They picked it up from me at Wondercon.

Here's is my part of the table.

A lot of kids and their parents came by. These two friends had matching friendship hoodies! I also saw a girl with a Thor/unicorn shirt!

Also, saw a Donna Troy Wondergirl, wandering around!

A husband and wife kept ping ponging back and forth from the Tiki Machine/Muertoons table and mine. I ended up making them two quick baby griffin sketchcards.
Oh boy camera phone!

If anyone who couldn't make it to Wondercon would like a signed "Billie the Unicorn" book, prints, etc, I'll be at a couple of events this month.

I'm going to be doing a marker rendering workshop at Nucleus, April 23rd. Check the site for any materials to bring if you'd like to sketch along!

I'm going to be sharing a table with Thomas Perkins at the Anaheim Wizard World Comic Con. This will be a great opportunity to see alien creatures and unicorns living in peace and prosperity!
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