Saturday, April 24, 2010

Five year post!

I randomly noticed yesterday that my blog is five years old today. It seems like the past five years have gone by fast, but this blog makes me realize how many things have happened in those five years. I started it when I was working my first in-house animation job, with people who already had years of experience. I have had close friends drift away, and gotten to know others like family, watch them get married, have babies, and have met wonderful people online in person. The blog was mostly started to keep my family up to date with daily going-ons, and to start being more open about my artwork. Also, it makes me feel old. Yay! Who knows where we will all be in five years, probably in good places and spirits!

So I had to draw a horsey thing for something at work. Which led to the desire to draw a pegasus for fun.

The next two images were ones I was saving for an upcoming sketchbook app, but since they were drawn on small post-its I'm worried they might look really bad for zooming in. So here's some stuff that's been hoarded for awhile.
The bunny is actually from 2009, when I was on "Brave and the Bold".

Super special secret add on!!! I was going to wait a couple of weeks to announce this, but the press release is already online.
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