Monday, August 18, 2008

Nothing to show here but us chickens.

Ummmm....been really busy. On stuff. Or something. I got interviewed though, by Mr. Jason Anders. Since he was nice enough to take the time, you can read my rambling nonsensical answers HERE. He's interviewed alot of other artists, and they are all a good read. They show a good example of the variety of artists working in fine art and animation today.

Here is a photo my friend Vyv took one night while visiting. I hate photos of myself, but she is pretty handy with the camera.

Here is a drawing I did on my friend Val's Cintiq, right after her kitchen cupboard attacked her. Luckily her fiance` comforted her. In-n-Out 'cause the colors looked like mustard and catsup, but she said it looks like the Flash. Whatever. Google is great for finding logos.

Sorry there are no chickens in this post. Or naked farm girls. You people are sick!! Stop abusing search engines!! Your punishment is squeaky river otters!
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