Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Grape Babies

There is a fundraiser for Soren Rogers at Monkey House Toys in Silver Lake, CA this Saturday night!
Soren is a little boy who has had to deal with many seizures in his life so far, and his family needs some help getting a very expensive wheelchair lift on their van. The fundraiser is this Saturday, Jan. 19th, from 5-9pm. There is going to be a ton of amazing artwork, food, drinks, so if you are in the area, please stop by! Also, if you'd like to contribute to the fund, but can't make it to town, you can donate at Soren's website.

Here is my late piece down below. It's small and colored on brown fancy recycled paper which makes it look weird. Scary Grape babies getting a bedtime story. It was drawn outside of a coffee shop. So it smells like caffiene, car exhaust, and marker fumes. Don't ya want to buy it?

A few weeks ago a couple of my friends got the "Gunbuster vs Diebuster" dvds. We had a geeky drawing party and ate beard papas. They started out as bad sketches, and then the markers took over, like a horrible virus. Look at the disgusting Nicola head, floating in space for no reason. Everyone has really long monkey arms. Barf.

Speaking of horrible viruses, I saw "I am Legend". It would be cool to be a zombie.
I found some Gunbuster videos.
Here is the trailer for "Gunbuster vs Diebuster".
This is an amv someone made with "Gunbuster 2", it's spoiler heavy, so don't watch it if you don't like being spoiled.
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