Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Star Sprinkle Asthma Attack GO!!

All hopped up on Albuterol and Nyquil, hot dog water of the demons, as opposed to Ambrosia, nectar of the Gods.
Here is some important stuff:

1.The fund raiser for Soren Rogers went really well, and they are having a party for the last night of the gallery show. It's still at Monkey House Toys in Silverlake, CA, on Saturday, February 2nd, at 3pm. I think they may still be accepting donations and more artwork for the final event.

2.It's almost time for Innerspark applications if any highschool student is interested in going. It's alot of fun, you learn ALOT in a month, you get to use actual animation equipment, eat gross Calarts food, order pizza from Ameci's instead and make the delivery guys mad when they don't get their huge tip, go to museums, studios, guest speakers, radda, radda, and etc... Anyway, applications are due February 29th.

My lungs are full of gunk. It's disgusting. I couldn't focus on anything all day, but I had to sit still. Yay for asthma!!! Colors.....

A couple of days ago I finally discovered the "Yu-Gi-Oh: Abridged Series". There are currently 26 eps. Now it all makes sense...
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