Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Baby Stories for Old People

Baby story #1.

My brother recently moved into a new apartment. He went to the Seattle Ikea, and said there was a wee child pushing a cart. The wee child was transporting a load in his pants while pushing a cart and there was no way around him. My brother was forced to walk slowly behind the small child. Now he has artwork for his new apartment. I hope it goes in the bathroom.

Baby story #2. (ha ha.... #2....)
Last night, this wee little one was in the seat behind me. He had three other brothers, none that had volume control. His parents were with them, and I know it must be hard to raise alot of boys at once, but the parents had no noise control either. This drawing isn't exaggerated enough.
He was shrieking "PURPLE!", "CRACKAHS!", and many other words for the two hour flight. Other passengers had the stewardess bring ear plugs. Drawing the monster baby was better for me. I've never been on a flight were people clapped when they got off. The weird part of the story was that Chris Kattan was sitting one seat away from me on the flight. I didn't realize it was him until my friend picked me up from the airport and said "Hey, that's Chris Kattan." Maybe he will use this demon baby in a future skit. I hope so, that family was insane.

Baby Story #3.
A baby I know is turning one tonight! She is a good baby too! Happy Birthday Sweet Pea! Don't marry these babies in the future!
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