Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two years, "where's my two dollars?"

This place of randomness is two years old two day. Whoop de doo. I've been entertaining the thought of not posting anymore, but it doesn't really matter either way what happens. Things have been getting strangely busy lately, but good I think. I, I, I, I hate typing I. Self centered...stupid.... it's time not to worry about this place anymore, and focus on other things. This place was mostly meant for friends and family miles away to see what trouble I was getting into, what stupid thing I drew today, what dumb thing I found on the internet. And kitty videos, lots of kitty videos. It's mostly mutated into some sorta sketch/art blog. For most obsessively compulsive artists, it is probably bound to happen, but I like looking at everyone else's inspirations, how they interpret their day to day lives. Sadly, there is so much stuff out there, it is impossible to keep up with all of it.
I think I'll update sporadically.
I'm supposed to be working on my very own kid's book, 2nd draft is almost done, thumbnails, designs, page count, so hopefully it won't be too awful. There is also full time work, freelance, hygeine, being outside, living life, traveling, there is alot to do.
So here's some stuff, that may or may not end up being t-shirts.

Got to watch "The Last Unicorn", with some friends last night. The Red Bull joke is Valerie's. Watching this movie with a bunch of mid-late 20 yr old females is a fairly strange and hilarious experience, especially since we know all the lines.

...and for good measure, kittens in a kleenex box.

Saw "Hot Fuzz" tonight. Heelareee us.
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