Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Foo!!

I got to do a drawing for the Marines' ¼ H&S Company, this is their mascot. He is punching a sword. I think if most people punched a sword, it would break in two, but this dragon is so bad-ass, he punches a HOLE through solid metal. Yeah! So I'm dropping it off to them soon, they liked the jpg, so YAY!!!

The "Trogdor the Burninator" song was stuck in my head the entire time!
Oh yeah, Easter is coming up, so here's a crappy drawing.

Any hoo, April fool's is over in a few hours, so here is a bunch of HORRIBLE VIDEOS!!!!

Anything Zelda related seems to make for bad videos, and I just found the origin of a personal favorite of mine.
I guess some strange guy made up a script, and some jerks made a series of short cg films to it, intending to make it as horrible as possible! has links(ha ha!) to the videos, with screensavers and such. DIC did not make it.
Here are two more horrible Zelda videos.

Feces of Evil!
I wonder what's for dinner?
Excuse me princess (all 13 episodes of it!) go watch the "Paprika" and "Ratatouille" trailers to cleanse the brains.
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