Monday, April 09, 2007

Last minute gallery show

Arghhh!! No time! No time! Blahhhhhhh.... anyways... a very last minute gallery show this weekend in Costa Mesa. Here be thee details:

"Friends of ISM"
Saturday April 14, 2007 7-10 PM @
The Lodge/The Camp
2981 Bristol St. Suite 1
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Featured Artists: Aaron Kraten Brian Scanlon Andrew Hem Tist One Mike Alvarez Erik Skotnes Ekundayo David Jien Mike Nueman Julienne Hsu Dzeas One Alvarado Sanz Brian Viveros Benjamin Gilton Kio Griffith Jeff Gillette Laurie Hassold Beau Stanton Brianne Drouhard Mary Hoffman Casey O'Connell Edwin Ushiro Josh Cochran P Williams Electrolychee Mentary Traselhtrow Jason Castner Ryan Bryant Walt Hall Ngene Nathan Cartwright Blair Urban Andro Jason Maloney Brandi Milne Katherine Chiu Dany Paragouteva Majella Lue Sue Ken Garduno Mike Stilkey Michael Chsiung Nicolette Davenport Rad Sechrist Rich Tuzon Eric Tan John T. Quinn III Kelvin Nguyen Jeff Shelly Vince Muschia Ryan Astamendi Rob Nichols Emily Counts Ron Velasco Ronald J Llanos Teri Hendrich Andrew Foster Chris Filian Ronald Kurniawan Pete Novak Sean Cassidy Sean McCaughey Edward Sanders Thomas Broersma Sarah Joncas Sheesh Cakes Ofloda Bil Betsovic Noel ILL Tommii Lim Jay Steiner Marco Zamora Brent Harada Ralph Silerio Jophen Stein Mae Suzuki

I guess there is a bar/grill thingy everyone is meeting up afterwards.
I ran out of time trying to make something new, so here is something old, that was meant for something else, and if someone wants it, they can have it. Her name is "Thistle". She be 5x7, and she have crazy creepy eyes and wonky sleeves. I'm mailing her off tomorrow. Goodbye Thistle. Have a safe trip.

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