Monday, April 23, 2007


So here is an email I got tonight through "Daily Candy". They don't usually send candy links, it's mostly annoying spam about shopping (I should really get off their mailing list, but sometimes neat stuff happens, rarely), anyway, LOOK AT THIS!!!

"Spud Fudge, a light chocolate made using a twelve-step process that replaces one-third of the sugar with potatoes.
The secret recipe came about when an Idaho homemaker took inventory of her kitchen and realized a new way to help keep the farmers in her native state in business. The result is an airy melt-in-your-mouth candy that's not as dense or cloyingly sweet as traditional fudge.
The chocolaty goodness is hand-rolled into (what else?) a baked-potato shape, covered with milk chocolate, topped with white chocolate "sour cream" and "butter," and wrapped in foil."

Okay Washington potato growers!! Start growing chocolate potatos!! NOW!!!
Hmmmmm..... I believe See's candy also sells a chocolate potato near St. Patrick's day, but they probably don't add potato to the mix. The drawing up there looks like it belongs on a babee bib.
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