Thursday, November 03, 2005

No more Halloween for another year.....BOO!

I be scanning!! My back hurts. Had lunch with a vampire, Indiana Jones, and a cowgirl yesterday at the Glendale Mall. Here be a sketch from a few months ago. I don't think I'll use her for anything anytime soon. There is so much cool Halloween stuff out there, I think if I had a project planned I'd go in another direction with this. I guess her name is Hilda. The image says "Elf" and "Elph" 'cause at the time I was looking into the Sony Elph. Alot of the reviews for that camera on Amazon said that they were extremely fragile, so I went with another camera. It's a Sony too. These drawings scare me.
I'm almost done scanning. Going to bed early tonight! Yay!
Here's a direct link to a low quality clip of the PPG anime...if no one's seen it before.
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