Thursday, November 10, 2005

Grumpy Thumb Monkey

Thumb monkey is kinda gross.... so I had to draw him with Mary's wacom!!
Man...what a cranky monkey.
This one is so gross. Made me want to try illustrator and go freehand, so I did this:

I feel all Kirsten Ulve-y, she has the mad vector skillz everybody knows! I do not mean to offend any of her fans with my half assed computer monkey.
I encourage everyone to draw a thumb monkey of their very own. He can live on your desktop and be cranky, 'cause a thumb monkey with no thumb to hold is very sad indeed. Here is another photo. I think this one is a Colubus monkey?

Another thing from today. I also made white corn tortilla soup....from scratch. BEHOLD MY PRODUCTIVNESS!!! Wha ha ha!!
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