Sunday, November 20, 2005

kitty soup!

Look at all the stuff!
Old mermaid. Kinda looks like the freelance I am doing now.
The gallery in Hollywood where Mary's skullheads where.
This scary hippie was hanging out by the paintings. I was scared to get close. His red eyes devour the souls of those who get to close!

An old friend Tiffany had artwork up there too. I hadn't seen her in along time, she is doing well. I like their goofy faces.
Photos from the "Three Trees Make a Forest" gallery at Nucleus.
For people who couldn't be in LA for the opening. I'm sure they'll post pictures soon on the gallery's website.

My family sent Skippy a box. He is happy.
Skippy like espresso bean Choxie. He was helping me with my portfolio.
Think he had a little too much Choxie. He is the party animal, wearing a lamp shade on his head.
Skippy's naked!

He's a sleeping. He has a heart.

A horrible video my bro found. Trouble with kitty.
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