Sunday, November 27, 2005

Flowers, milk, and pirate booty


A bottle of milk I found at a ritzy Santa Monica grocery store.

It's funny how Frankenstien is sad to be milking the cow. Frankenstien's hands must be cold. Poor cow, it looks like it's crying. The milk was good.

Skippy was trying to get something from under the couch. So I got the ruler out to reach whatever he was trying to get.

This is what HE was stashing under the couch. Money, Mike Wachowski, a swiss army knife, post its, pencils, clips, a tiger, a cow, and other crap.
He started putting his booty back under the couch. Great.

I made paper flowers this weekend too.
I was busy drawing things for money too.

********Freaky Christmas lights. Make sure your speakers are on. It's timed to music.******** Kinda Oscar Fischinger-ish.
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