Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A few minutes

Been really busy. A lot of stuff is going on. Won't be able to post about most of it for awhile. Maybe later this fall?
Some randomness from a few minutes I've had this past month.

Princess Tomato is for the upcoming Girls Drawing Girls book that'll be available at San Diego Comic Con. It's flora themed, I picked Tomato.
It's based partly on veggie themed video games I played as a wee child. I remember the princess was always a tomato, specifically in "Spud's Adventure". I guess there was also a "Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom" that I never got a chance to play. Tomato princesses are popular!

"Spud's Adventure" was so weird. I'd always try playing it because the characters seemed interesting, but kept getting to this one part that'd frustrate me to no end!

The rest of this post in nonsense that was drawn during Anaheim Wizard World, and at the Burbank, CA Costco over the weekend. San Francisco, Danville, and Conchord, CA Costcos currently have "Billie the Unicorn" in stock.
I left a few signed Billie books at the Burbank store. The signing went really well, saw a few kids who were on their way to pick up big cakes for their birthdays! Lots of polite and happy kids!

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