Sunday, September 21, 2008

War and Monsters

One more week of no life and then maybe I won't post old stuff. This lovely monster up above is a rare specimen. It is because she is wearing a cowboy hat AND Ugg boots. I haven't seen any of these creatures roaming about LA for awhile. If you see one, be aware of how fragile their existence is. That chihuahua isn't a pet. It's a snack.

The following is a short film some of my friends made a few years ago.
It was directed and created by Dwight Hwang. Who is crazy.
The crew who helped put it together are: Mike Koizumi, Joe Chang, Ben Dai, Sze, Wattana Khommarath, Dave Lee, Keita Matsumoto, Shinnichi Yokota, Kyouji Asano, Nelson Wang, Bruno Velazquez, Kyung Hee Shon, John Lanz, John Aoshima, Jon Spence, Oliver Espiridion, Yumi Hasegawa, narration by Ralph Voltrian, and music by Glenn Scott Lacey

Some of these guys also did the voices, including Zaza Mustazar, who is uncredited. Because of this, the film sounds exactly like the Nerf wars back in the day, even with the weird made up cute voices.

Here is the film, leave a comment on it's youtube page if you like it.

Here are some extra special videos:
Stanford Laser Technology
Do not watch if you are about to go to sleep or have a fear of Ronald McDonald. Ron Ron Ru, indeed.
Have you seen Spock's Brain?
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