Monday, September 08, 2008

Armor that doesn't make sense.

I'm going to be M.I.A next week again. Got some happy freelance recently, and I'm trying to learn how to storyboard (that isn't freelance). I think I got up to around panel 400 today.
In the meantime, here is a new image of Alabaster for some reason. Her armor makes no sense. Why is her belly exposed? Doesn't seem very smart, and for someone so stupid, why is her armor represented by an owl? That breast plate probably pokes her stomach every time she bends over.

On the subject of armor that makes no sense what so ever...
Here is some old stuff (some is sorta new) that I doodled while on "OOJH" and "3000".
I like drawing stupid, but it doesn't pay the billz.
"These guy are sick."

All these drawings have a horrible disease, called "Dissidia".
You may suffer from "Dissidia" if you display the following symptoms:
Chronic Amnesia, sharp pointy hair, attraction to buckles, belts, and zippers, depression, being randomly attacked by small animals, prone to setting yourself or others on fire, dependence on crystal substances, being ridiculously powerful for no good reason, bad English voice acting, and inability to have a coherent plot.
If you display any of these symptoms, buy Brianne a PSP, unless she wins the lottery and buys one herself. Preferably mint green version, and then it will sit with the DS collecting dust because she has no time to play video games. :(

Here are some photos of armor that really work in real life!
My Dad found a turtle trying to cross a road in a dangerous place. So he brought it home, but then took him to a nice sheltered area to live out the rest of his turtley days in peace. Dunno what type of turtle he is. He is pretty though. Pretty turtle.

Toonces wants to be buddies.

My parents recently had their 30th wedding anniversary. I was a bad daughter and was unable to make them anything cool.
Bonus videos that do not have turtles or armor:
OMG! otter baby
Funky birds from cuteoverload
DeathSponge Notepants
Back to work I go.
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