Monday, March 24, 2008

Fly me to the moon

I drew these for a friend's recent birthday. She collects some of the toys, so I thought these might be nice for her depressed children collection. Staying up drawing these brought back alot of memories from art school. It's funny, alot of people assume all we watched were "The Jungle Book" and Nine old men animation, but we were introduced to "Evangelion" end of our freshman year in 1999. A group of us borrowed the complete series from a friend and watched all the episodes in less than a week. The next fall, we watched "End of Evangelion", and the nerds debated what the whole thing meant. One of our story teachers used to bring clips in from the anime for various examples. There is some amazing animation in the show, and alot of media references it nowadays.
Gainax is producing four movies retelling the story, the first one was released in Japan not too long ago. Here is the first trailer and the second trailer for "Rebuild of Evangelion". I think WETA may still be working on a live action movie based on "Evangelion". Good luck to them if they are, they have a huge task in front of them.

Banana Cat!
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